Friday, May 24, 2013

Playdate With A Purpose May 2013: Yoga, Music, & Mindfulness

Our afternoon of yoga and mindfulness went well! Amie Richie with Amie’s Song Garden started us off with fun songs, stickers, and musical instruments. Tawny Sterios of m.Body Studios then led the kids in a yoga lesson, including her marathon bridge pose for the kids to crawl under! To finish out, Amie got the kids dancing and singing again in the studio, while most of the moms sat on the sunny front patio to hear some ideas about practicing mindfulness as a family from Tawny and Lea Payne. One of my favorite suggestions was to carve out a moment during busy mornings to just breath together as a family, helping to center and focus in the misdst of chaos.

Thank you to Tawny, Amy, and Lea for a relaxing afternoon!