Thursday, February 14, 2013

Playdate with a Purpose Feb 2013: Senior Serenade

Our February PWAP was spread over two days and three senior homes throughout the county.  On Monday, February 4 we met at Erin's house to make Valentines.   We had a little production line with moms cutting heart cards, kids decorating, and then Moms writing little messages.  It was all going well until the kids found the backyard chickens were more interesting than gluing and coloring.  We walked to the Judson Terrace Homes where a room full of seniors were sitting at big round tables, waiting for us.  The kids walked around passing out Valentine's then cookies and muffins.   We all split up and sat at the various tables so we could talk to the residents and let them swoon over the cute kiddies!  We performed a few songs then said goodbye.  On Friday, February 8, there was a second visit to Emeritus senior home in Paso Robles and a third visit to the Arroyo Grande Care Home.  

In Arroyo Grande our Valentine's, sweets, and songs were followed by a visit to "The Farm:  Therapy with Purpose."  The residents and staff of this care home have created the most amazing farm for rehabilitation.    The kids first walked through their huge chicken coop, feeding chickens and harvesting eggs.  Then we walked through the greenhouse, the raised beds, and the peace garden.  The kids picked flowers for the moms and we chatted with some of the seniors who were out tending the crops.  The Farm is bordered on one side by the "Teen Closet," another amazing program at AGCC.  Seniors work at this store, providing shopping opportunities for low-income and homeless teens and their families.  For more information or to donate gently used clothing and accessories, visit the Teen Closet parent site.