Thursday, March 7, 2013

Playdate with a Purpose March 2013: Woods Humane Society

We had a really fun time at El Chorro Regional Park on Monday, March 4!  The weather was lovely, the playground was perfect, and many families toured the Botanical Garden as well.  One child told me why we had gathered together:  “We gotta go to the shelter to give the doggies everything they need to sleep on.”  Priceless!

The kids tired themselves out by the time the Woods group came to visit, so they were happy to sit quietly and listen to the talk.  Steve and Kiersten from Woods brought a gentle shelter dog, Talua to meet us.  Steve gave a wonderful presentation to the kids on how to greet a strange dog:  Don’t offer the palm, as this gives the smell of things you’ve touched and food you’ve eaten.  Don’t hold your fingers out, as they might smell like something tasty.   Make a fist and offer the back of your hand so the dog can learn your true smell.  Unlike humans, a dog's sense of smell comes before sight and hearing when they meet something unfamiliar.  The kids took turns approaching Talua slowly, one at a time, offerring their fists.  One boy approached trying to pull his hand out of his pocket.  He struggled then plucked out five dollar bills to donate to the shelter.  His Save Spend Share bank is being put to good use.  What an awesome teaching moment for us!

Thank you to all who came and for all the great animal donations.  There are some dogs and cats sleeping more cozily this month, thanks to us.  And sweet doggie Talua was adopted two days after the playdate!!  

Woods is open for tours and always accepting donations.  They host dog training classes and  train volunteers to work with the dogs and cats.  They are currently working on a plan to offer kids' birthday parties at the shelter.  Visit the Woods Humane Society website for more information about all they do.